12 Best Youtube Channel For Graphic Designer

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I have brought something that can be of help to you in your graphic design career. That is the best 12 YouTube channel for a graphic designer. Friends, I am following this 12 channel regularly and I have grown a lot from this channel. I have not joined online courses and classes from anywhere. I have learned everything freely from this channel.

The 12 channels are not just for Beginner, It’s for the experienced designer also. With this channel, you can learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom Software easily. Also, you will get some tips & tricks from these channels which will help you in your daily routine work.

Below are the 12 Best youtube channels for Graphic Designer.



PiXimperfect is the best channel to learn adobe photoshop and lightroom. it’s hosted by Unmesh Dinda. Also, they give free resources for learning Photoshop and Lightroom.

By PIXImperfect channel, you can learn Photoshop Composition, Retouching Hair, Special Effects, Portrait Retouching, Skin Retouching, and a lot of other tips & tricks. PIXImperfect channel is best for a photographer and graphic designer.


The Futur

The Futur channel is the best channel for me. where I learn lots of things about graphics design, UI/UX, Branding and many others. 

This channel doesn’t just teach you about only the design field. It also teaches you how to run your business, how to manage your time, How much should charge for the project, how to deal with the client, How to start the project from scratch. I think is the plus point for the Futur channel.

By the Futur channel, you can learn Logo Design Therapy, UI/UX Design, Typography Design, Branding, and some business tips & tricks.


Satori Graphics

Satori Graphics is the best channel to become the best designer. They provide graphic design tutorials across the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as speed art videos and much more. There are awesome tutorials on graphic design theory, poster designing, logo designing, brand identity, and much much more. 

From this channel, you can learn adobe illustrator in the best way because the main focus of this channel is adobe illustrator.


GFX Mentor

GFX Mentor is the Hindi graphic design channel. You are having trouble learning in English So this channel is better for you to learn graphic design. They provide Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and other tutorials in Hindi. 


Graphic Design Hindi Me By Om

Graphic Design Hindi Me by Om is also a Hindi graphic design channel. This channel is created by Mr. Om Chinchwankar. They learn advanced techniques of graphic design. By this channel, you can learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and some design techniques.


Rajeev Mehta

Rajeev Mehta is a Hindi channel for Graphic Designer. He working as a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Filmmaker. He has huge experience in that field. From this channel, you can learn Photoshop, Graphic Design, Photography, Film making, Social Media Marketing in Hindi. Also, You will get adobe premiere pro tutorials. 

For resources, You will get Free PSD Files, Free Presets, Free Luts and all the free stuff that you can use in your project. 


Adobe Creative Cloud

From Adobe Creative Cloud channel, you will get all updates and news regarding designs, plugins, all adobe software, new features, adobe community and much more. 


Zimri Mayfield

Zimri Mayfield is the best channel to learn logo design. By this channel, you will get logo design inspiration.



Dansky is one of my favorite channels to learn graphic design. From this channel, You can learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere Pro,
and Adobe After Effect. Also, you can get Sketch tutorials. 


Yes I’m Designer

Yes, I’m a Designer is created by Martin Perhiniak. He is a certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor. He was voted to be one of the top 10 Adobe instructors in the world by student feedback in 2015. By this channel, you can learn design principles, compositional techniques. Also, you will get some design tips & tricks.  


Philip Van Dusen

This channel is created by Philip Van Dusen. He gives design, branding, Inspiration, Brand Strategy, marketing, and business advice to creative professionals and entrepreneurs on building successful creative practices and brands. 


Adobe Photoshop

From this channel, you will get only Adobe photoshop tutorials. You can learn all things regarding photoshop like image editing, learn tools, effects, Web design, UI UX design, app design.


Thanks for reading I hope you like this blog and it will help all the designers. Please let us know your favorite channel name in the comment box below. And subscribe to the DesignKeys newsletter to get a piece of design news. We will come back with more useful designing resource 🙂


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