8 Tips That Will Make Your Design Better

Tip – 1

Identify the design purpose

Here are three general typography system archetypes.
  1. Marketing Website
  2. Blog Website
  3. Product Dashboard
Tip – 2

Start with the one font family

Choose the right font-family which has at least 3 to 4 weights.

Determine font sizes

You have two ways to determine the font sizes
Tip – 4

Create a typography style guide

Create a simple system where you list every type of size. Don’t count h1, h2,…
typography style guide

Tip – 5

Keep good line-height

Most of the designers make a mistake here. They don’t know how to set line-height.
The below example is the easy way to set the line-height.
font line height

Tip – 6

Use contrast

Don’t get confused too much in typography.
color contrast

Tip – 7

Don’t mix more than two fonts.

Pairing is a great way to make good font combinations.
Tip – 8

Search on google & learn

  • 8 point grid: Typography on the web
  • The type system: material design
  • Working type: Airbnb design
  • A five-minute guide to better typography 
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