8 Amazing Graphic Designing Books You Should Definitely Read

Graphic Design Books

Designing Brand Identity

The Designing Brand Identity book was published by Wiley in the year 2017. The Author of the books is Alina Wheeler. This book was the best-selling guide to branding. This book provides in-depth guidance for all the designers and entire branding teams as well, walking through a five-stage process for brand development and implementation.

Logo Modernism

The logo modernism book was published by Taschen GmbH in 2015. The Author of the books is Jens Muller. Jens Müller examines the distillation of modernism in making amazing Graphic designing books. This book contains a variety of logos and it is divided into 3 chapters which are geometric, effect, and typographic. These chapters are to educate you as well as provide a comprehensive explanation of inspirational logo designs to inform your own work.

Why Fonts Matter

The book “Why fonts matter” was published by Virgin Books in the year 2016. The Author of the books is Sarah Hyndman. This book is the best for learning the science of fonts. It is an amazing book for someone wanting to understand how to use type design to influence their audience.”Sarah Hyndman” even promises to explain how fonts have the power to alter the taste of your food.

Oh, Sh*t… What Now?

The author of this book is Craig Oldham which was published in the year 2018. This book has an amazing insightful guide to everything that is of use to those looking to break into the creative industries. This book contains everything sharing experiences, advice, ideas, encouragement as well as criticism. The book has different chapters covering all the information about portfolios, education, working process, jobs/freelancing, and personal development as well. It is a must-read book for all creative arts students.

Drawing Type: An Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms

This is my favorite among amazing graphic designing books. The author of this book is Alex Fowkes published in the year 2014. This book is for designers to explain to them how to draw and explore drawing Type features, real-world projects. It also includes interviews about their processes.

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?

The author of this book is Lucienne Roberts. This is the second and updated edition of this ambitious book. It examines the vital relationship between graphic design and health. It also focuses on work that demonstrates how communication strategies and visual languages work.

Two-Dimensional Man

The publisher of this book is Alex Fowkes published in the year 2017. The Author of this book Paul Sahre. Paul Sahre is one of the most influential graphic designers and has operated his own design consultancy. Paul’s book, is part autobiography, part monograph, part art book, and part reflection on creativity as well.

The Art of Looking Sideways

The publisher of this book is Phaidon Press, published in the year 2001. The Author of this book Alan Fletcher. The Art of Looking Sideways book is perhaps the best-known one and it also questions the way designers think about everything from color to composition and this book also contains exploring the link between imagery and meaning through a series of visual mind-teasers, games and visual puns. It is assembled from his personal notebooks and diaries.

Do you have any other amazing graphic designing books in your list? Let me know in the comment section and I will feature you in the blog.

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