Top 7 Fonts Used By Professional Graphic Designers 2020

Top Fonts Used By Professional Designers 2020

The industry’s established names pumping out fresh specimens each month. It’s a good time to find the right fonts for your projects. We have done some research to cover top 20 fonts that are popular with graphic designers and those we think will be a big hit in 2020. We have listed some well-known fonts used by professional graphic designers and these are all designed to give your work that edge you have been looking for.



Aeonik is a structural workhorse crafted with mechanical details. It has around 700 characters. Aeonik’s Type features include old-style numerals, ligatures, case sensitive punctuation, fractions and symbols, shapes and arrows. Aeonik’s feature has 11 stylistic sets – more than most font families. Features include 3 options for the “a”, “j” and “t”. There are also many different alternatives to explore, entirely customizable as per the user’s requirements.

Untitled Sans


Untitled Serif and Untitled Sans are quotidian fonts Untitled Sans is a plain, neo grotesque sans validated by the ideas of Naoto Fukasawa andJasper Morrison’s primary project. Untitled Serif comes from an old-style genre of font. Untitled Serif and Untitled Sans are related by concept only. They have an aesthetic genre of not being designed by anyone in particular.



NewsSans have more than 90 styles and it allows you to create a varied and customized typographic look, effortlessly ranging from expressive to subtle. NewSans is a king and it’s going nowhere in 2020. Free trial typeface are available exclusively via

Beatrice Display


Beatrice carries a new type of fonts found in New York, Sharp Type. It was established in the year 2015. Sharp Type has every year received awards of excellence by  the European Design Awards, Communication Arts, the TDC, and many more.

Sharp Type design fonts by using the modern era as their genre. Sharp type produces customizable & retail fonts for digital, print, and environmental design for brands, etc. This is my favorite fonts used by professional graphic designers.

Albertus Nova


Berthold Wolpe designed Albertus Nova and it was published by  Monotype. He started working on Albertus in 1932, and he was encouraged by Stanley Morison to do so. Albertus Nova fonts contain 5 styles and it also has family package options. Albertus fonts are mainly on book covers, on signs, in video games and in branding. Albertus Nova has extended language support including Cyrillic and Greek.



Doyle is another one to come out of Sharp Type.  Doyle font type was designed by Marc Rouault and Lucas Sharp in the year 2019. Doyle has 2 iconic styles that became the visual backdrop of a generation. The darkest master is “Lucas Sharp’s ode” to “Cooper Black drawn”, and on the light end of the spectrum the chubby organic forms suck it in and take on a style reminiscent of “ITC American Typewriter”.

Neue Haas Grotesk


Neue Haas Grotesk fonts was designed by Christan Schwartz and it was published by Linotype. Neue Haas Grotesk fonts contains 22 styles and it is currently on #21 in the list of Best Sellers. Schwartz’s revival was originally commissioned in the year 2004 by “Mark Porter” for the redesign of The Guardian, but it was not used. Schwartz completed it in the year 2010 for Richard Turley at “Bloomberg Businessweek”. It’s thinnest weight was designed by “Berton Hasebe”.

Are you a graphic designer and want to add in a list of fonts used by professional graphic designers? Comment below and I’ll feature you in my blog. Also, you must know the 8 tips that will make your design better

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